luni, 21 martie 2011

Eva Longoria says she regrets 'nothing' at birthday bash in Las Vegas with new beau Eduardo Cruz

Eva Longoria may want to cry every time she talks about her divorce from Tony Parker, but has no regrets about the split.
At her 36th birthday bash at Las Vegas' Eve nightclub on Friday, the "Desperate Housewives" star gushed about her "perfect" life as she celebrated alongside new beau Eduardo Cruz.
"I hold dearly every experience that I have in my life," she told "I regret nothing, so, you know, [I'm] moving on."          

Capping off a week of celebrations -- including a 1920s-themed bash last weekend in Los Angeles and a trip to Disneyland with her family -- Longoria had dinner at her restaurant, Beso, with a group of famous friends that included Mario Lopez and David Spade before moving onto Eve.
She was reportedly spotted cuddling with Cruz in the club's VIP sections, sneaking kisses through the night.
"It was like two high school kids who just fell madly in love because they were always so touchy-feely," an onlooker told
Later on in the night, Longoria stood on the club’s catwalk to watch Tino Coury perform and bask in the glow surrounding the large pink birthday cake presented to her on stage.
Longoria finalized her split from Parker, whom she wed in 2007, at the end of January after filing for divorce last year amid rumors the 28-year-old San Antonio Spurs star had cheated on her.
The 36-year-old actress recently started dating Penelope Cruz's younger brother, Eduardo, a Spanish singer.

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